Taking a Risk: Update 2

I thought I would share some more numbers with you.

These were the numbers from the previous update, about a month ago:

The traffic report for the week of June 26 stated that I had 67 visits and 105 page views that week. An average visit lasted 1 minute 24 seconds.

For the week ending July 3, which includes the first two days of posting the novel, I had 118 visits and 269 page views. An average visit lasted 3 minutes 49 seconds.

 This last week (ending July 31), I had 116 visits and 273 page views.  An average visit lasted 2 minutes 20 seconds.

I still am not sure what visit vs. view means, please leave a comment if you do!  I think a view means they didn't surf around, just looked at one page.  Visit makes me think they hung out for a bit, visited a few other things on the site than what originally brought them by.

I had a slight rise in traffic the week I offered a contest for a gift card, with 153 visits/310 views.  But it didn't make a huge difference in numbers.

The good news is the numbers are keeping pretty steady.  The more exciting thing is that I'm getting visitors from all over the world.  I've had readers in the U.S and Canada, but also places like Egypt, Bahrain, Nepal, the Philippines, the U.K, France, South Africa, and Australia.   It seems the only continent I haven't hit yet is South America!

Thanks so much to everyone who stops by!  Be sure to leave your name and links in the comments section so I (and my fellow readers) can follow you too!


  1. I have no idea about the views, but it is interesting that you are able to tell the places from which people visit. Very nice.

  2. It's so cool, SiteMeter will show you on a map or even by list what city people are checking in from. It's a bit stalkerish, but it's cool to see who I'm connecting with!

  3. Nice improvement! A visit is one person visiting the whole site, whether they go to one page or multiple. A view is for each page (usually), which is why you have so many more views than visits (they might have looked at 2 pages in 1 visit). Remember when everyone counted hits? Well, you used to get a hit for each file, including any pictures. So if you have one page with 10 pics, that counted as 11 hits. That's why it was such an inaccurate number. So there's your little lesson. Hope it helps! :)

  4. Ahhh, that makes sense!!! Thanks Kristie!


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