So I never thought to check this, but on NetworkedBlogs, I'd listed myself under the categories of 'writing,' 'publishing,' and 'young adult.'   I have checked the categories of Top 50 Blogs in Writing (where I am currently #49 and rising) and Top 50 Blogs in Publishing (where I'm rockin' it at #5) but I had never checked what the Top 50 Blogs in Young Adult were, and it turns out, I'M NUMBER ONE!!!

Okay, so this is still not nearly as cool as having an agent or getting published.  And the Young Adult category is really small.  But I'm hanging on to what I've got here, people!  Second on the list is my writing friend and author, Hilary Wagner, so congrats to her as well.  Check out her blog, she's got a great book coming out this fall!  In any case, just thought I would celebrate with you all, thanks for making me number 1 at something!!!


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