Into the Shadows: Chapter 6 Part 2

Chapter 6 Part 2
All Hallow's Eve

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Paivi headed over to her table and dropped her bag onto her seat. She felt good today. It was Friday, which meant two days to sleep in. As an added bonus, she would get to see Jason two extra days. She was also excited because basketball tryouts were on Monday. Not that the practices were all that exciting, but the games would be great. She felt the good day warranted a nice big chocolate chip cookie. They served them hot in the lunch line, the chocolate still gooey.

“Are you going to get anything Mick?” she asked and grabbed a dollar from her wallet.

Michaela dug through her backpack and pulled out a small purse.

“Let’s go. You’re in a rather good mood today,” Michaela said suspiciously.

“Yeah, I know! How could you not be! It’s Friday, we’re going to a Halloween party and basketball starts Monday.” She tried to pull the doofy smile off her face before it gave her away.

“By any chance is Jason going to be at the party tomorrow?” Michaela asked casually, one eyebrow raised.

“Yes, but so is his girlfriend, so it’s not like he’s coming because of me,” Paivi said with a pout. “But he seemed less than happy about the costumes Melissa wanted them to wear.”

They shuffled a few feet forward in line. Paivi took a quick look around to make sure neither Jason nor his friends were around.

“She wants them to go as Hansel and Gretel!” she whispered loudly.

Michaela snorted. “Well, I don’t even know them very well, but I’m beginning to think they’re not going to last very long!”

Paivi smiled. If only she could tell Michaela what she knew.

“And I invited him over for Sunday because we are supposed to watch the presidential debate for class. I’m going to invite Crystal and some others from class too,” she added.

“Nice move! Ah, finally.” They had made it to the front of the line.

Paivi followed Michaela through the lunch line, noticing the tater tots had arranged themselves into her name.


The green beans were apparently trying to get her attention as well.


She didn’t even flinch at the sight of them this time. She continued with Michaela down the line, paid for her cookie and they headed back to their table.

In the weeks since Homecoming, Paivi had seen numerous messages and her feelings about them had moved from fear to mild annoyance. She saw the words spelled out in her colored pencils in her locker and in chalk dust on the chalkboards in her classes. On her way to and from school on the bus, she witnessed signs rearrange themselves as they passed. It had even appeared in her morning Cheerios from time to time. The words were always the same.


In fact, not only was she annoyed; she was getting more and more angry. She still kept receiving the icy stares from Christian Nelson day after day. She was convinced that he was somehow behind her strange messages, yet she wasn’t quite sure she was ready to march over to his lunch table and punch him in the nose. Maybe she could just yell at him. A lot. But until that moment, she was content with returning his stare. She made sure when she did that it was equally icy and unfriendly.  She might not be able to send him messages in his food, but she was NOT going to lose a staring contest.

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