Darkness Rising: Update

Hey all! I haven't posted in a couple of weeks and just want to let you know where I'm at with Darkness Rising. The good news is that it should be out at the earlier end of my estimation. I will hopefully finish up a new draft this weekend that will go out for 3-4 rounds of proofreading. After I get those back and corrections are made, Darkness Rising will be formatted and put up for sale.

My goal is this...I leave for Germany on June 11th, Darkness Rising will be up and out before that for sure!  How close to that date, I couldn't say, but it should be ready on time. Yay! Stay tuned for further updates. Maybe I'll post the first chapter when I send it out for proofing so you can get a sneak peak.

I can't wait for you all to see what happens to Paivi next!


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