Call For Guest Posts - Writers, Readers, Bloggers!

I'm looking to jazz up the blog a little this fall and I'm interested in finding some new perspectives to share with readers. I'm happy to entertain a lot of different ideas:

Writers - write about your publishing path (traditional OR epublished), or your writing process, thoughts on author events, conferences, critique groups.

Readers/Bloggers - write about genres (what do you like, what would you like to see more of?), pet peeves about being on the reading-end of the biz, or whatever you think would fit.

And since it's October and nearly time for Halloween, anything with a spooky twist would be cool and can be contributed by readers or writers...tell us about your fave scary stories, books, movies, or even your local myths and urban legends.

And really anything else related to reading or writing would apply. I'm happy to entertain all ideas, so run them by me. I'd love to see some entertaining and thought provoking posts that will bring readers and writers together.

If you're interested in contributing, send me an email at karlykirkpatrick (at) and put BLOG in the subject area.


  1. Im interested :) Megg sent me here to check out your blog. I have a book coming out Nov 29th :)


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