Geneva SCBWI Shout Outs!

I am so lucky to have a few wonderful critique groups and we are always excited when somebody makes the big sale! I just wanted to take this opportunity to pat those writers on the back who are always so helpful to me! These two writers are members of the Geneva SCBWI critique group and both have wonderful books that are out now. You should definitely buy them!

For younger kids, Laura Crawford wrote The American Revolution From A to Z, a beautiful picture book with info about an interesting time in American History. Congrats Laura!

For teens, Kristin Walker has A Match Made in High School, a comedy about a girl who has to participate in a marriage project in high school. Congrats Kristin!

I am really proud to work with such great writers! Way to go guys!


  1. I'm hoping, keeping fingers crossed, that I can get out to the book signing in Bolingbrook tomorrow. I really want to read Kristin's book! :)

  2. Thanks Karly.....

  3. That is me (Laura) being anonymous...I could not figure out how to post!!


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