Into the Shadows - Chapter 16

Chapter Sixteen
Phase Two

Paivi Anderson
Current Events p.6
Mr. Finch

I read an article in the St. Andrew Herald by Mimi Snodgrass titled ‘St Andrew Herald reporter Jerome Knowles arrested by ATC.’ Mr. Knowles was arrested Saturday for using the newspaper to turn citizens against the ATC. They also found that he commonly associated with people in St. Andrew known to be Enemies of the State and felt that he could be using his access at the newspaper to aid terrorists. Fellow reporters stated that Knowles was known to be a troublemaker and that they were not surprised. I was surprised too, because I always thought he was a good reporter who always stuck to the facts. I guess I didn’t really know what he was like at work, but it’s really too bad he was arrested.

Ms. Anderson, you should concern yourself with more significant matters, such as how the ATC program has been a success or the drop in terrorist attacks and not about criminals. Very weak.

President-elect Wendell Stevens sat in his sunny breakfast room, a cup of coffee in one hand and the Washington Post in the other. A plate of half-eaten fried eggs and bacon sat in front of him. He set the cup down and placed a forkful of eggs into his mouth.

Nancy, his maid, interrupted his quiet meal.

“Sir,” she said quietly, “General Kobayashi is here to see you.”

Stevens swallowed his eggs.

“Please show him into the study, Nancy. I will be there shortly.”

She nodded and exited the room. Stevens quickly emptied his plate and grabbed his cup of coffee. He adjusted his robe, which he wore over a pair of flannel pajamas, and made his way to the study. He took a seat in a large leather armchair at a mahogany desk across from his visitor.

“Good morning, Michael. Coffee?” he greeted the general, who sat before him in civilian clothing.

“Yes sir. Thank you.”

Nancy was hovering in the doorway and scurried to the kitchen, having overheard the request.

“This is an early visit,” he commented.

“Yes, sir, well I have some excellent news to share with you and I felt it was best to come right away.” The general sounded delighted.

“Fantastic. I can’t argue with good news in the morning. Please, carry on,” he encouraged.

Nancy reentered the room and placed a tray with a white coffee mug, sugar dish, and a pitcher of cream onto the desk. She left the room as silently as she came, closing the doors noiselessly behind her.

General Kobayashi spooned some sugar into his cup—two spoonfuls—and a dash of cream. He took a sip.

“Perfect. So, I am happy to report, I just flew back form the Phase Two project. Celine showed me around. The facility is complete, a full month ahead of schedule. It can start receiving shipments as soon as Foster and Haley are ready to process them.” He took another long sip of coffee.

“Excellent. And the press releases?” he questioned.

“They’re set to go out next week. We’ll have small blurbs in the national press, mentioning the need to detain Enemies of the State for questioning—for the security of the nation, of course. Locally we’ll throw in some extra warnings about extremely dangerous criminals being kept at the Phase Two facility, so the civilians will keep their distance,” reported General Kobayashi.

Stevens rose, clapping the general on the back as he walked toward the window.

“Good man. It’s a great thing you are doing for your country. Your contributions to this great land will live long after us! Say, it’s warm enough out there today, what do you say, why don’t we hit the driving range?”


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