Taking a Risk

So after about a year of considering, I think I'm going to do it.  I gonna take that risk, I'm going to jump head-first off the cliff.  I'm going to post my first novel, Into the Shadows, for FREE on my blog.  What will happen?  Maybe something, most likely nothing.  I wrote my first book a couple years ago now, and put it through the circuit of agent and publisher queries.  It had some nice looks, but overall, it failed.  Maybe it was the wrong time.  Maybe it wasn't that good.  It's entirely possible.  It was my first go.  But I thought it was a fun story and worthy of an audience.

But there's a stigma about giving your work away.  I must be crazy!  What if it sucks so bad and people realize what a crap writer I really am?  What if I blow my chance to EVER get that book published?  It could happen.  Although, I think I'm pretty sure this book will never get published.  And I'm not just being self-pitying, I'm being realistic.  But it's a mixed message we send as writers.  We tell each other all the time that writers should write for themselves, not to get published.  It's all about the story you tell.  Write what you want to write.  Don't worry about trends, etc. etc.  Okay, fine, then I'm putting my money where my mouth is.  I'm writing to write and to give others a great story to read.  Therefore, why should I keep it on the shelf collecting dust?

I've written a few Friday Flash stories, and published them on my blog for the big wide world to see.  The sky didn't fall.  I didn't get emails from agencies and publishers saying I was blacklisted from the wider published community.  People read them.  And appeared to enjoy them.  And if they didn't, they were nice enough to say they did.  We're in a new age of writing.  You can get books for free or for pennies everywhere.  Of course, the goal is to still get published, but I'm pretty sure it won't be this book.  So why not share it for free?  If it sucks, no one will read it and you will be proven right.  Maybe a few will read it and enjoy.  That's all I can hope for.  Stay tuned for the first part...it's coming soon!


  1. Good luck! I agree, if you honestly believe that it will never get published, why *not* post it on your blog? Chances are that at least a few people will read and enjoy it, and that's a few more than the big fat zero you would get if you left it to collect dust. :)

  2. Write some more books, Karly. We all confront this issue. This is one reason why I plan to self-publish my first two novels. Yet I have subsequent books under submission elsewhere. At some point we realize we are not writing the next 'Dr. Zhivago,' and I guess that is humbling. I think you are a wonderful person, and quite frankly I wish I had a person like you for a spouse!
    Don't mean to get too personal, but there you have it. It is a tough and lonely job, and we learn a lot about ourselves doing it...
    Your friend Louis.

  3. Thank you for sharing your passion. What I hear in this is your strong drive for your work to be shared. That is something we can all relate to as writers. I look forward to hearing of your experience with this. Best to you!

    AuthorWilliam on twitter

  4. Thanks for your nice comments! It's funny, because this is really meant just to share writing, as you said. I don't expect anything to come of it and I'm not doing it to balk at the publishing industry. I still think it's a cool place I would like to be! But I think all writers want to be read. Sometimes I think back on all the writers in the previous centuries that wrote great serials that were posted in newspapers. I'm sure they got some kind of compensation, but still, the thrill was in someone reading your work, I bet!

  5. Go, Karly!
    Whatever makes you happy is what you should do and I look forward to reading your book.
    Still, have you thought about self-publishing it? Shannon Esposito just published one of hers - you should maybe talk to her about it, see what she has to say.
    You've probably already given that route deep thought, though.
    Whatever happens, best of luck!

  6. Hey Cathy, I have thought about it, and I think that's a fine route to go as well. I guess I'm just testing the waters. If no one would read it for free, no sense in putting it out there for sale! I've thought a lot about making it available on Kindle. So we'll see. If people seem to enjoy it, I might go that route with it.

    And thanks so much!

  7. You go, girl! This is brave and giving and admirable of you. If writing and sharing your work is your passion, do it however it works for you. If you want info on self-publishing, even if for free on Kindle, let me know. Best wishes and I can't wait to start reading!

  8. To an artist of any craft, the creation process is like breathing. It is a necessary part of our life. Allowing others to view your creation is the sweet fragrance in the air around you. It brings as much joy to you as it does to the ones viewing it. I can't wait to read it Karly! Thanks for putting yourself out there :)


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