Print your own book???

Now, I'm not talking about this in terms of self publishing...I read an article the other day on Nikki Katz's blog about printing your own book to use for revisions.  You can use the self publishing houses to print your own copy of the book for your review, without having to post it for sale for anyone else.  I thought this was a super cool idea!  Printing out your book is such a pain and uses so much paper and ink.  It's not the easiest to read and the papers get everywhere.

I also feel bad when friends or family ask to read my  books and all I have is one giant printed copy in a manila envelope that I'm constantly trying to get back from people for others to read.  And I feel like they take longer to read it in that format, which is understandable.

  If I'm not mistaken, you can print a plain old paperback copy of your book for about 6 bucks.  That didn't include shipping.  I'm thinking maybe once I polish mine up, I'll print a couple copies of each, one for me to read at my leisure and mark up, and 2 or so for friends or family who feel like reading it.  How do you guys handle revisions?  Do you print it out?  Read it straight from the computer?  Have any of you tried using Lulu or any of the other publishers to make your own copy?  Feel free to share!


  1. Not sure what Lulu deal will be. You may run into a production fee with some of the self publishing houses. Printing your MS and book form will require some sort of interior and exterior design or format, even if plugged into a template. Some of them may charge for that. For this purpose you may want to consider reaching out directly to a printer who prints in novel format and prints on demand. They may be able to give you instructions on how what file format they need, specs, etc. and then your print cost will depend on page count. Trouble is, with POD, to get a real low per-book cost you may be required to purchase a large print order. But give them a shot. A lulu or other self pub house might simply be a middle man in the case of what you're trying to accomplish. Good luck!


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