I happened to see Thor yesterday and loved the Kenneth Branagh film. The story, scenery, visuals, characters, all great. The romance for sure left a little to be desired. I had a hard time thinking that Thor and Natalie Portman's character, Jane, would be in love with each other after about 36 hours. I totally understand the need to have love happen fast in a movies, and most of the other superhero movies, the love interest was someone the superhero knew for years in other capacities, not some chick he dropped out of the sky on top of. In any case, I still loved it and I'm really looking forward to a Thor sequel and the Avengers as well. Thor and Iron Man in one movie? Yes please!

I really love movies. Like, a lot. I really think that someday I'd either like to see one of my books made into a (preferably good) movie, or have a script I write made into a movie. I want to walk down the red carpet at a premier, maybe go to the Cannes film festival someday. I'm super excited because Chicago is getting its own soundstage, Cinespace Chicago. I'd love to work for a film or TV production. (Not that I have credentials. hehehe)

I probably love film as much as I love books. I did write a screenplay once for a short film, but it was just for fun. Maybe I'll dabble in screenwriting again this summer. I had hoped to take a class on it at DePaul (where I was working towards my master's in writing and publishing) but at this time I'm not planning on going back. And certainly not in the winter when they'll probably offer screenwriting again. Maybe I'll gear up and do Script Frenzy next year, the screenplay equivalent of NaNoWriMo. But I hope to maybe work on one before then. Now I'll just need to come up with some new ideas...


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