Adventures in Epublishing: April Sales Round-Up

I'm going to approach this month a little differently. In previous months I listed exactly how many sales were from each sales channel. But I think the numbers that really count is how many ebooks vs. paperbacks were sold, overall number sold, and overall earned.

April was an extremely slow month for me. Into the Shadows sales slowed a ton and the only saving grace I had was sales from an authors' fair and a few extra sales of paperbacks that I had at home.

To refresh your memory, in March I sold 100 books (93 ebooks/7 paperbacks) earning $200.28. These were sales for Into the Shadows only.

In April, I sold 74 books (65 ebooks/9 paperbacks) of ITS for a total of $176.90. BUT I started selling Bloody Little Secrets on April 29th and managed to sell 10 ebooks earning $23.39 for a grand total of 84 books sold earning $200.29 for April. I know, one penny difference! Pretty amazing. I earned more money for the paperbacks in April because they were copies I sold myself. BLS is also selling at a slightly higher price ($3.49). So both of those details helped.

I'll be curious to see what May's sales will be like with two titles available. I'm hoping that will ensure that I at least make the same amount of money, if not more. And I'd really like my sales to at least stay steady around 100 a month. How did you fare?


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