Bookaday: Tales of the Dim Knight by Adam Graham

Tales of the Dim KnightTales of the Dim Knight - Superhero Comedy

What happens when the World's biggest superhero fan gets superpowers? When Mild Mannered Janitor Dave Johnson discovers an alien symbiote that gives him untold powers, there's only one thing to do. Put on a pair of tights and save the world. Follow Dave as he fights mobsters, aliens, and terrorists in a series of hilarious adventures.

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Adam Graham writes in the genre of biblical speculative fiction. Like many authors, Adam began his writing journey early – doodling first drafts in a yellow-spiral notebook as a child – Adam later honed his satirical style writing conservative political columns for publications such as Renew America and Pajamas Media and he continues to use satire in the writing of superhero adventures from unexpected and biblical angles. Adam has also published fiction, in short story form, via anthologies such as Light at the Edge of Darkness and serialized venues such as the Laser and Sword e-zine, however, Tales of the Dim Knight is his debut novel.

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