Into the Shadows Soundtrack: The Rasmus - In the Shadows

Over the next few weeks I'll add a couple of songs that have inspired Into the Shadows.  If I could make my very own soundtrack, these are the songs I would pick.

The whole time I was writing ITS in 2007-2008, I would listen to this song over and over again.  It even inspired the title.  It comes from a little-known Finnish band named The Rasmus, and was popular in Europe in 2003.  True story, I actually stood just feet from the lead singer while at a concert by a different band in Helsinki as he was filming the opening act.  They're still making music, so if you like the song, be sure to check them out!  I heart them!


  1. For each of my primary character profiles I create a section called "Songs on their iPod/MP3". I find it helps me build a clearer 3D picture. Looking forward to hearing more.


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