Next round of submissions

In a fit of motivation, I finished revising my YA contemporary manuscript, The Green, AND revised my query letter as well.  I decided to submit to another 10 agents, to see if the new and improved novel gets me any closer to that elusive agent.  Before I left for my trip last weekend, I selected 10 great agents that I had researched and sent it out.

So far, I received one form rejection and one form/personal rejection where the agent mentioned that the plot didn't really stand out for her.  In my last round, the agent (who read a full) said she didn't connect with the main character all the way through.  I tried to address that in my revisions, which were also driven by an awesome critique session with some of my fellow writers.  There are still 8 queries out there, and most agents said they try to respond within 2 weeks, so we'll see what we hear back.


  1. goood luck and like Michelle said, NEVER GIVE UP!! =]

  2. Thanks all! I'm totally turning into an email stalker. I think I check it 20 times a day. If I had more time to write, it would help distract me!


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