Into the Shadows: Chapter 3 Part 3

Chapter 3 Part 3
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“I wasn’t WITH a guy—he’s just some guy from my Current Events class.”

“What’s his deal? Does he have a girlfriend or what? What grade is he in?” Michaela demanded.

“I just met him today. I’m sorry I didn’t manage to get his life story. But I will keep you posted. Better yet, I can introduce you and you can question him yourself,” Paivi giggled. She scanned the room, just looking to see where Jason was sitting. She hoped the others didn’t notice. No luck. She leaned back in her seat, contemplating whether she should attempt the lunch line, when she saw him. He was just sitting four tables away and talking to some friends. Unfortunately it was not Jason—instead it was the boy she had seen earlier that morning. She couldn’t help but look. He wasn’t so creepy when he wasn’t staring her down. He must have felt her eyes, however, and turned his head slowly, his eyes meeting hers. They were as cold and icy as before and she could feel the hair on the back of her neck stand up. She pulled her eyes away quickly, looking towards Michaela, hoping he would look away too. But he did not.

This is ridiculous! she thought to herself. How can I be afraid of someone I don’t even know? This is stupid.

She stood up, still avoiding his gaze. “Are you guys ready to get some food?”

The three girls headed to the front of the cafeteria and joined the line.

Due to the fact that this was such a short piece, I will also post the first part of Chapter 4! Enjoy!


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