Darkness Rising Update & Get An ARC

I just wanted to check in and give you the status on Darkness Rising, sequel to Into the Shadows. The book is FINISHED! YAY! It's already out for edits!

Later in May, it'll be in the proofing stage. If you would be interested in an ARC (advanced reader copy) in exchange for an honest review posted at Amazon, etc., I would be more than happy to hook up as many people as possible. Remember, it will be an ARC and will not have been through the proofing process. That means there will still be mistakes. If you're interested in an ARC, let me know by leaving your name and info below.

Also, Darkness Rising finally has a description:

Branded as an Enemy of the State, Paivi Anderson left everything behind to start a new life. Torn from her parents and now a fugitive from justice, along with her brother, Torsten, and former frenemy Christian, she is desperate to save her family and escape her country's tyrannical rule . But in order to outsmart the Anti-Terrorism Coalition, she'll need to learn to control her powers. When Paivi discovers the true meaning of the EOS list, she realizes that she may end up saving much more than just her parents.

You can also add it to your Goodreads To Be Read pile here:

The book should be available in June OR July, depending on the editing process. I'll let you know as it gets closer!


  1. I would like a chance to review it! Congrats!

    Doodle Bug

  2. YES!!! I'm so excited! I loved Into the Shadows, and can't wait to the sequel! I'd love to review the ARC on my blog/amazon/goodreads!

    Shana @ABookVacation



  3. i know this isnt exactly on this book, though i absolutely loved it! but i am literally on my toes waiting for the sequel to bloody little secrets! i can not wait til it comes out in november!!!!!

  4. Thanks guys! I'll take down your info and send it out as soon as it's ready!

    And Lucy, thanks for the Bloody Little Secrets love. I'll be getting to work on that really soon!

  5. You know I'm always up for an ARC! :)

  6. I would like an ARC, please!

    Betsy Hagen

  7. I'd be more than happy to give you a review on amazon & Good Reads!! alijdjam@aol.com

  8. Oh yes, I would love to be included in your arcs for reviews! I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED "Into the Shadows" and it would be my pleasure to have an early read of the sequel! :D


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