Coming Soon - EIGHT by Karly Kirkpatrick

Now that I've got a cover to show you (thanks to the very talented G. P. Ching) I'm excited to announce my first short story collection, EIGHT, which I plan to put out very very soon.

This is a collection of 8 shorts (hence, the title) that have appeared as part of Friday Flash when I participated in that last year and also a new, previously unreleased short story, Grenades. Along with each story, you get a set of author's notes explaining how I created that particular story.

It's suitable for ages 14 and up, and most of the stories are YA in nature, although there is one action adventure with an adult main character. It runs about 8000 words (around 40-some pages) and will be available for the great price of 99 cents.

Not to worry, I'm still working on more novels, The Green is in the editing phase and Darkness Rising is in progress, hopefully coming out in the first quarter of 2012.

As soon as EIGHT is available, I will post it here! Stay tuned!


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