A Book A Day For The Holidays: The Second Virgin Birth by Tommy Taylor

The Second Virgin Birth 

Do we have the technology enabling Christ to be born again of a second virgin mother? The book follows the life of a little girl in Alabama who goes completely insane at the age of six and is confined to a state mental hospital. In a strange twist of fate, she is chosen, "by God," to become the mother of his son, the next Madonna in the second coming of Christ. Explore her life as there are those who adore and worship her and there are those who loathe her and will do anything to end her life before her son is born. This story is a true "can't put it down" book.

From the Publisher:
Rarely does a book come along that requires the reader to truly reach down into the depths of their very soul to think and answer questions about their own personal beliefs and thoughts. The Second Virgin Birth is such a book. It explores new ideas and concepts that could affect us all, and would affect us all, if events in the book ever come to pass. This book is a must read, a must discuss, and a must argue over. Prepare yourself to lose old friends and gain new ones.

The book can be bought at Amazon.com by clicking on this link:

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You can read more about Tommy Taylor and his new book, The Second Virgin Birth, on the Goodreads website: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/1255912.Tommy_Taylor


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