Writing Update

I've been working on my newest work in progress for maybe two, two and a half weeks now and I'm closing in on 8000 words (about 30 pages). I'm enjoying the story and the characters so far and I'm hoping to aim for 70K plus on it, so I guess I better be loving every minute I spend with them! This is my third YA novel and I feel like my first chapters are coming together much easier than they did on the other two. Practice makes perfect, or at least better! I was definitely bummed to have to cancel my New Orleans research trip, but the internet is such a handy tool. I'm hoping Google can take me where I could not go.

I've still had no word back from aforementioned Lovely Agent, and while I'm a little bummed and feeling like that part of my life is stalled, I'm just holding out the tiniest bit of hope that she will request the full. If not I'll probably cry, but that's nothing new!

I've decided that there are two things I must do in my life...read and write. And no matter if I write a book a year for the next 10 years and no one ever gives them a second look, oh well. I'll still have 10 books written! And someone will read them, at least 4 or 5 someones, so it won't be for nothing. Okay that's not totally true, I will still be sad that they aren't published, but it'll be okay!

And lastly, I start my first class at DePaul in 2 weeks! It seems like forever away, but it'll be here quick. I had to order my book, the 900 and some odd page Chicago Manual of Style. At the least I'll get giant biceps from lugging that thing around!

Sorry this post was a bit rambling...but oh well!


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