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I have to say, I'm very lucky to have such wonderful critique groups. They provide so much advice and support as I attempt to make my way in this business. Last night 3 awesome authors from my critique group came by for what I called a Red Ink Party. They were kind enough to give my book (The Green) a read and tell me what they thought. I really think this input is invaluable. It's sometimes hard to read your own work and find what's wrong with it. After awhile the words just seem to swim on the page! I got a ton of excellent suggestions and I am really excited to start working on some revisions before I submit again.

An update on submissions, the agent request I received did turn out to be a NO. But it was a good call, because I struggled to see how The Green would even fit in with the books they represented. Someday I'll find the right match. So that's 5 official NOs, and 4 no replies, which we'll be chalking up to NOs. Onward and upward!


  1. I found it helpful for me as well. I learned a lot from other people's critique of your novel.

    I love this book--keep going! And I can't wait to see the movie version of this. I wonder who will play Ari and who will play James?

  2. aw thanks Natalie, you guys are the best!

  3. I'm just now getting involved with critique groups. They're looking at my first book recently self-published. I hope they'll look at my next book tht's a WIP. Critique groups are vital to an aspiring author's success.

    Stephen Tremp


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